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Name: Ziyad Yamout
Fathers Name: Umar
Street address: Mansour Jurdak Str. , Al-Manara
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Profession: Library Assistant III
Company/Institution: A.U.B.University Libraries (Engineering & Architecture)
Lebanese Origins: Ras Beirut / Beirut
Birthday (mm/dd/yy): 8/12/1965
Website: http://www.aub.edu.lb
About Me: Dear lebanese and worldwide Yamouts :-) Warmest greetings! My name is Ziyad Umar Yamut.I'm a 39 year old male,and the youngest in my family of 5 (4 brothers and 1 sister).I'm still single and living with my parents in Ras Beirut,Beirut; where I'm securing them medical and general wise.I was a geology major at the American University of Beirut (A.U.B.)in 1986,but didn't graduate(junior) due to "civil" war and money problems.In addition I have interest in psychology,sociology,and music;thus I studied psychology and sociology for a while( 1 & 1/2 academic years at the governmental Lebanese University in 2001 & 2002,but again didn't graduate because of family,medical,personal and overstressed obstacles.I'm not giving up regarding continuing my education,but will do so as soon as my circumstances improve .I'm still a volunteering classical western tenor since 1993 ; performing with the Lebanese American University choir;L.A.U.choir(formerly Beirut University choir,or BUC choir.),with a background experience of oriental and classical arabic music.I'm working in the mean time as a library assistant III at the Engineering & Architecture library ; a branch of the University Libraries within A.U.B.My hobbies beside singing include drawing (with a knowledge of some sort of logos and design),clay sculpting,reading,swimming,walking with an eager tempt to socialize.I didn't travel to any place in the whole world;especially by plane till now.But I'm eager to doing so as soon as my overall status permits.I want to take the opportunity from this message to send a global message to all the Yamouts in Lebanon & worldwide ;telling them that being one strong family is essential especially if true human values,honest ethics,loyal morals,supporting unity,and true friendship,are the basics.Wishing everyone all the best,and looking forward to get introduced to many of our unknown root relatives.God bless! Fondly, Ziyad
Joined: 2004-06-30 16:56:54
Last Modified: 2005-01-28 02:42:43
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