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Name: Umayma Yamout
Fathers Name: Salaheddine
Street address: Yamout
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Profession: Consultant- Small & Medium Enterprises
Company/Institution: Free Lance
Lebanese Origins: Beirut
Birthday (mm/dd/yy): 2/4/1944
Website: http://
About Me: I graduated from AUB with a BA in economics in 1966, and worked with the First National City Bank of New York in Beirut for three years (1967-1970). Since 1970 I joined the United Nations in Beirut (UNESOB then ESCWA) and moved with the office to Baghdad, Cyprus, Amman, and back to Beirut again. I stayed with the UN untill I retired in February 2004 as a First Reporting Economic Affairs Officer. The area of my work in the last 15 years or so was mainly the development and promotion of the industrial private sector in countries of the region, particularly small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). My job required a lot of travel in the Arab region as well as outsied the region. During my tenure in the last 10 years I carried-out around 10 studies in my field of specialty, published as UN publications. My brother is Ziad Yamout. He is three years older than me and, like my father, he had great influence over the way I was brought up, particularly as a woman - an all loving and supporting brother, a close friend, and a silent mantor. In 1976 I got married to Mahmoud Al-Naser who is Palestinian of Jordanian nationality. He is also currently working with the United Nations in the field of information technology services. He is with the UN Peace-keeping Mission (MINURSO) in Western Sahara. We are proud to inform you that our house is a house of artists. Mahmoud is originally a water colour plastic artist, which you can tell if you come to visit us. He has filled our lives with beautiful colours, and has nourished our souls with love of nature. He is also a Chef in cooking (as most artists are). Mahmoud is prominently a beleiver in the empowerment and advancement of women in our Arab region, a thought you can read in many of his paintings. We have two daughters, Asma (Beirut, June 30 1982) and Mariam (Baghdad, May 31 1986). Asma is the writer (a "Yamoutee" trait), the philosopher, and human rights advocate of the house, nourishing our souls with, love of words of beauty, ideas of great thinkers, softening our feelings and refining our views towards the unprivileged and marginalized minority groups in society (including women ofcourse!). As such, she has done lot of community service in the Palestinian camps since summer 2000. Asma plays the piano and flute, has been a member of Beirut Symphony Orchestra, and has been a member of several choir groups althrough school years and part of university years. In addition to her hobby in photography and in dancing, she is right now exploring her ability to develop her cooking skills, which seems to be quite promising. Asma graduated from AUB with a BA in English Literature from AUB in June 2004, and got a fellowship this year from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) to continue her advanced studies (PhD) in comparative literature (post-modernism English/Arabic novel). You can tell what field she is into, when you see the tremendous volume of books that fills all corners of the house! Mariam is the musician of the family-who fills the house space with joy of musical tunes that nurchures our spirits, soothes our passions, and evokes in us various captivating deep feelings . Being a musician, we are proud to say that Mariam carries along a distinguished "Yamoutee" trait that we are sure she will continue to nourish! while like Asma, Mariam started taking piano lessons since she was 6 years old, she also started composing pieces of music soon after (7). Additionally, she has a beautiful voice which she has reared by joining several choir groups since she was 12. like her father, she is a born chef and potentially a plasitc artist, two talents she is hoping to have the time to develop more in the future. Mariam got her International Baccalauriate Diploma from ACS Beirut, in June 2004 and went to York University in Canada (Toronto) to study BA in music with the hope of focusing on composition. Since York programme in music composition was not up to her expectations, she is transfering this year to Eastman School of Music (Rochester University) in upper New York to complete her BA studies there. This summer is the last summer for all members of (Al-Naser/Yamout) family to spend the whole summertime together in Beirut. Thereafter, the girls will have to go to collage again in the States in fall, with busy schedules following in winter as well as in summer, depriving us as a family of having more long vaccation time to spend together again. Hence, we are looking forward to having this summer an exciting time together to remember. Pray for us.
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