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Name: Nour Yamout
Fathers Name: Issam
Street address: Bshamoun- 7ay el maderess
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Profession: Journalism- University student- LAU & AUST
Company/Institution: Orbit AD SALES Marketing and Advertising department
Lebanese Origins: Zqaq El Blat
Birthday (mm/dd/yy): 2/24/1988
Website: http://www.yamout.com
About Me: Hi, my name's Nour Yamout, daughter of Issam Khaled Yamout and Nariman Mohammed Yamout (they're cousins by coincidence). Im the eldest in my family. I have one brother, Khaled Yamout, born 1991 and a sister, Ghina Yamout, born 1995. My brother, sister, and I, were all born in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia, and we all lived there for 17 years and moved to our home town country, Lebanon,year 2005, inorder to continue my studies. Yet, my father's still living in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh working in Saudi Oger as the manager of all the Payrol and accounting department. Im majoring in Journalism and hopefully graduate summer 2008 or spring 2009. I also work in ORBIT Production company, just to get on with my life. I was really happy for seeing this site, its a great idea for meeting Yamout family because i barely know anyone in my family and this will help our Big family to be strongly together. Any way thats all about me... Hope we stay all one big happy family for the sake of our country, Lebanon. "GOD BLESS US ALL" :)
Joined: 2007-09-04 16:57:09
Last Modified: 2007-11-21 01:46:35
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