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Name: Fuad Yamout
Fathers Name: Khaled
Street address:
City: Doha
Country: Qatar
Profession: Procurement Manager
Company/Institution: Hyojong Industrial
Lebanese Origins: Beirut
Birthday (mm/dd/yy): 9/8/1959
Website: http://
About Me: I am Fuad Khaled Yamut of the Zarif district. I am married with two lovely children; Bassam & Meerna. You can visit my profile on Facebook for more details and pictures. Dear Yamut Cousins, I would like to draw your attention to some facts that are not known to many of our young Yamut generation and even some of the older ones. You can research what I will tell you. 1- The Yamut family is a great family with a great achievements in history. We are the largest Turkmen tribe in the world. We count over 50 millions. The Yamuts of Beirut is just a small branch of the Yamut tribe who came to Beirut with the Ottomans. We exist in millions in Turkey, Cypress, Aleppo, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran.... 2- The head of The Turkish Army was General Noury Pasha Yamut in the Ottoman Empire. He was a hero who defeated the British, French, and Greek army in Chanakle during the First World War. 3- We are very famous for our fighting spirit. The Yamut tribe almost defeated the communist revolution back in the twenties. 4- Millions Of our tribe are still nomads in south Russia, Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Iran 5- In North Iran alone they count more than 2 millions 6- We are famous for our carpet and jewelry which is bought all over the world. See in the internet the Yamut Carpets. 7- The following families are Yamutis which branched out of the mother Yamut family in Beirut: 1) Sinno family (part of them) 2) Al Etter Family 3) Muhio Family 4) Naja 5) Munaymaneh 6) Dasoum 7) Nahas 8) Kamouria 9) many more who I do not remember now Let us keep in touch and my best regards to you and all the Yamut family. Fuad Khaled Yamut
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